Why Choose A Kerb Set Memorial?

Kerb Sets in grave yard

A kerb set memorial is a beautiful way to commemorate a departed loved one. This describes a stone border that lines the outlines of a burial plot. Here’s why many people choose them.


With the border encompassing a whole burial plot, there’s plenty of room to add personalisation. The border gives more room for inscriptions, perhaps to include quotes, passages or lyrics significant to the deceased. How the middle of a kerb set is decorated is completely up to you. Many people like to use stones, gravel or soil to fill in the centre.

With these structures, you can even plant flowers inside, which will be a beautiful addition to any burial ground. Many structures can come with a built-in vase space. Perhaps choosing plants that were significant to a loved one would be a nice touch. For example, you could opt for their favourite flower or colour.



If you do choose to plant flowers or place various decorations on a kerb set memorial, then you can benefit from the added height. The border, although small, can help provide a bit more stability for anything placed inside the perimeter. This is great for if you want vases to be steady as you have more stability with a kerb set.

Various Styles Available

With kerb set memorials, there’s a wide array of designs to choose from. You can choose one separate or inclusive of a headstone. As a platform of personalisation, you can create a memorial that is a beautiful tribute to a loved one. There’s freedom to choose the material, colour and finish to help make a suitable resting place.

At Gareth Evans & Son, we have many different granites to choose from. Including shades like dense black, for a sleek, modern memorial. Or, perhaps a more neutral granite like balmoral red is more suitable for your tastes. If you want something unique, green galaxy granite is an excellent choice.

cleaning of grave stone

Contact Us For Kerb Set Memorials

For help with bespoke stone borders, get in touch with our team. We offer a range of memorials that can be fully customised to suit your needs.


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