When it comes to marking the resting place of a friend or family member, it’s important to choose the right memorial. That means being able to tailor the shape, size, design, and inscription to suit your tastes. That’s why we offer a wide range of fully customisable options suitable for a variety of burial and cremation plots. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


We offer a wide range of traditional headstones, also known as lawn memorials. These simple headstone and base combinations are the classic way of commemorating a loved one. Choose from a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and inscriptions, to find the perfect fit. We can even advise on what designs are permitted for different burial plots.

Kerb Sets

Kerb set memorials include a full length stone border surrounding the burial plot. Like the headstone itself, these borders can be customised to suit your taste. Meanwhile, the plot itself can be covered with soil, stone chips or even a stone slab. Kerb sets are available in a wide range of stone types as well as different designs.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation plots are often much smaller than burial plots. As a result, you may require a specially made cremation memorial, such as a plaque or a miniature headstone. As with all our memorials, these come in a range of styles to suit your individual tastes. We will also provide you with professional advice and support throughout the process.

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