What Should I Write On A Headstone?

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Choosing the inscription on a headstone can feel like a huge responsibility. After all, it will be there to read for decades to come. It’s okay to take some time to decide what you want to be displayed, as there will be a while between the burial and the installation. In this article, we’ll give some advise on writing an epitaph.

Traditional Information

If you’re completely unsure what to put on the inscription, we’ve listed a few bits of information that are generally included.


The introduction on a headstone is usually just a few words that go on the top line. Some common phrases are things like ‘in loving memory of’, ‘in memoriam’, ‘in remembrance’, or ‘rest in peace’.


Full Name & Birth/Death Dates

Next, most commonly, is the information of the deceased. You can choose the format and font of the inscription to suit your tastes. At Gareth Evans & Son, we have a range of fonts and finishes to choose from. We recommend testing a few out to ensure the font is suitable for the name.

It might seem silly, but make sure all information is correct and spellings are clearly communicated. It can be a lot of effort and money if mistakes are made that could be avoided.


If you look at many headstones throughout time, the inscription states some of their relationships. For example, ‘doting husband’, ‘much loved wife to David’, ‘beloved daughter’, etc. If you want to mention any important relationships that help commemorate a loved one, then this is a lovely line to have included on a memorial.

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Impact, Quote Or Poems

If you want to make the headstone more personal, you can add even more inscription, provided there is room. Commonly, people like to keep these simple to ensure they are timeless epitaphs. ‘Forever in our hearts’, ‘gone but not forgotten’, ‘remembered always’ or ‘until we meet again’ are just some examples of a powerful last line.

Many people choose quotes or poems to be on a headstone. If they were religious, then sometimes even a passage from a religious text. Perhaps your loved one had a favourite song, or there’s a famous quote that reminds you of them. These can be a lovely tribute to the departed to look back on for years to come.

For Memorial Inscriptions, Get In Touch

We complete bespoke inscription services to commemorate a loved one. If you have any questions, speak to one of our team today. We will help you adhere to the rules and guidelines of the burial site so you can ensure the headstone will be accepted.


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