What Image Can I Put On A Headstone?

A Man Will Engrave On A Granite

If you’re interested in personalising a headstone, then getting a bespoke design is the perfect tribute to a loved one. An image is etched on to the headstone by one of our expert stone masons. Here are just a few ideas of what you can put on it.

The Rules

First thing’s first, you’ll need to ensure that your headstone will be accepted by the graveyard. Ensure that the burial grounds permit whatever you are planning to put on the headstone. With some places, they can be strict on what bespoke designs can be put on a memorial. It’s always good to check in advance.  


If the departed had any interests of note that would help commemorate their memory, then you can take inspiration from this. For example, if they loved sports or had a favourite team, you could perhaps think of a bespoke design that helps to encapsulate this. If they loved things like travelling, music, painting, dancing, baking or gardening, then come up with a timeless drawing that helps to show this.

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If your loved one’s career was significant to them, having it immortalised on a headstone is a lovely touch. For example, if they were a nurse, doctor or worked in healthcare, then an etching to help symbolise this can be a great idea. If they were in the military and had any symbols or images that helped to represent this, then putting them on a headstone helps to commemorate it. If they had a job they were proud and passionate about, then bespoke designs can make a statement.


Intricate flower details are quite a common accent on headstones, as they create the perfect decorations. Perhaps the departed had a favourite type of flower you can use in the image. This creates a timeless, bespoke design to adorn a subtly personalised memorial.

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Animals can play a significant role in someone’s life. If the departed had any dear pets or loved a certain animal, then it can be a lovely idea to include it on their headstone. If they had a dog or cat that was a large part of their life, then this might be a suitable theme to include in the memorial.

Religious Symbols

If your loved one was religious, they may wish to have their religion present on the headstone. For example, crosses or angels can be etched into the stone to help show their connection to their faith.

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